Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fun in the Mountains!

We went to see my parents in Colorado and had tons of fun and enjoyed the cool weather!

We rode the gondola-

We jumped! Noah even figured out how to flip! Annalise went as high as the tops of the poles, seriously she was probably 25 feet high! Elliot got to try it for the first time and couldn't stop smiling!

The big kids zip-lined!

The big kids also got to do a ropes course that was designed just for kids their size. They LOVED it!!!

We went on a hike and found a glacier on our way!

We golfed! Noah was especially excited about this!

Annalise and my Dad cracked open a geode!

 And, maybe my favorite part of the trip... Sitting on the porch at night waiting for the deer to come out and eat. We also played outside a bunch every afternoon. The deer would get pretty close to the deck, in spite of the 3 crazies that were hanging out!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Elliot + Freda = Love

Elliot and Freda... So cute!!!

Elliot is sharing one of his most precious things with her- his Bubbey.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beach Picture Overload!

Prepare for lots of pictures!

We went to Seaside, FL with my parents the day school got out. It was our first long car trip with the kids and they all did great! We watched lots of movies, played with toys, and read books while we drove. Thomas and Amy were even there for a few days. The weather was perfect and the water was crystal clear.

All the kids enjoyed splashing in the waves and the boys could not get enough sand. Rolling in the sand, running in the sand, falling in the sand, sand, sand, sand!

This was Elliot at naptime on the first day. He was SO exhausted from running, swimming, and playing. He slept for 4 hours and was in the exact same position he started in when he woke up!

 Daytime Beach Fun!!!


Beach Treasures to bring home...


Evening Fun on the Beach!

 T and Amy!

It is SO hard to get 3 kids to all look pleasantly at the camera at the same time!

Playing King of the Mountain with T

 So much sand!!!